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Terahertz Energy

Terahertz energy

Terahertz frequencies are abundant in the universe. They correspond to frequencies found in our bodies and are often referred to as the Wave or Radiation of life.

The Terahertz frequency lies between that of microwaves and infrared on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Its frequency ranges from 0.1 to 30 THz. Until recently, there was a terahertz gap, as people were not sure as how to harness its properties.

iTeraCare Device

Recently, the ability of terahertz waves to nondestructibly pass through solid objects has created more interest and more research has been put into Terahertz wave technology, resulting in many new devices in the fields of imaging, spectroscopy, scanning, besides medical, biological, and therapeutical use.

One such device is the iTeraCare blower device. Produced using quality material, and by an established company, it is a portable handheld device.

It needs no prior expertise or training to operate and can be learned to use in a matter of minutes. Young and old can use it with ease.


The iTeraCare blower device is designed to blow hot air and terahertz waves onto localized areas on the body depending on the kind of treatment you are seeking.

It has a switch that can control the speed and heat you are comfortable with.

Externally, treatment is focused on the areas where you have pain, skin wounds or skin diseases. Internal diseases are treated by focusing on a number of anatomical or acupuncture points. As water plays an important part in treatment, users are recommended to drink water before and after treatment.

Treatment Procedure

  • Drink water before treatment

  • Blow on a skin area where you wish to treat in lines or circles as recommended

  • Hold blower at a comfortable distance from the skin

  • Focus on a localized area for about 15 – 20 minutes at a time.

  • For best effects treatment should be carried for 5 – 15 days

  • Drink water after treatment


  • Various research has shown that treatment using Terahertz waves has been found to be helpful for the following conditions

  • To help in reducing pain for headaches and joint pains

  • To help improve blood circulation

  • To clear meridian/chakra point blockages

  • To help in the treatment of various diseases and wound healing

  • To help reduce the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in

    cancer patients

  • To help improve skin diseases

  • To improve facial beauty and skincare