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Specialist Product Advisor


He is a Malaysian, aged 59 and has been a teacher for more than 30 years, specialising in Physical Education and Sports Science.
He is still actively involved in various sports, like hockey, soccer, Frisbee and athletics, and still represents his state in hockey in national tournaments for his department. Presently, he jogs or cycles almost daily if time permits.
He has been involved in sports, health and wellness in various capacities, as an instructor for coaching courses, coach, umpire and player.
Besides that, he also gives lectures on Sports Science topics for the National Sports Coaching Academy, National Sports Institute for their Sports Science courses and specific sports courses like hockey, silat, handball, boxing, table tennis, dodgeball and sailing. He also talks on health for various levels of participants, such as students, teachers, administrators, companies and institutions.
His interest in Terahertz technology began in 2019, when he had first-hand experience, experimenting with himself first before talking about it. He has delved into Terahertz resonated water and Terahertz blowers, imparting invaluable advice for newcomers where it is needed. He has experience experimenting on himself for health and for sports and is a living testimony himself. He believes that as people become more aware of its capabilities, energy and frequency science will soon play an important part in the treatment and healing of patients besides improving performance where needed. He is excited that this technology paves the way in another way of addressing, especially, degenerative diseases, moving away from the conventional allopathic treatment. New technology takes time to be accepted by the masses. As more people realise its capabilities and start using it, the more acceptance there will be in its simplicity and important value it holds in its wholesome and more efficient treatment. And he believes that one day soon, it will be a permanent feature in our health and wellness industry just like infra-red treatment, in fact surpassing infra-red treatment.
Presently, he also appears as a guest speaker for iTeraCare meetings.