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How to use your Hot Air Blower

iTeraCare Classic Settings

Setting 1 – High Speed / Low Heat

Setting 2 – Low Speed / Low Heat

Setting 3 – High Speed / High Heat

The only difference between the settings is the heat and the speed, all settings emit the exact same frequency.

Settings to be used at your own comfort levels.

Use the lower heat setting on the face and the higher heat settings on the thicker parts of the body.

Hold about 2-3 inches away from the body or further if you find it too hot for your skin.

Can be used over clothes or on bare skin.

The thermal heat helps the conduction of the frequency and may give moxibustion type benefits when applied to acupressure points.

DO NOT DROP THE ITERACARE DEVICE it is very delicate and lined with a crystal tube, if you drop the device and the tube breaks please contact your stockist to purchase a new tube.

10 Step Warm Up Guide

Begin with the 10 Step Warm Up Protocol but start very slowly, remember less is more when it comes to frequency technology. 

Drink charged/structured water before & after every session.

The warm up guide suggests 2-3 minutes on each point however I would recommend only 30 seconds on each point to begin with and slowly work your way up over time as your body adjusts and integrates the new technology.

Once you’ve completed the warm up, you can then focus on specific areas you want to work on.

Wait at least 4 hours between each session.

Please ensure you understand the contraindications before using the device and reach out to your sponsor for the full instruction manual.

The frequency penetrates up to 11 inches deep into the body so you can use it from the front to treat the back, spine, top of the head, etc…

Want to know how to charge water and how structured water can improve your health? Click the button below to find out more…

If you have questions on how to use your device please contact the person you purchased it through for further instructions.

Advanced THz Protocols

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)